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What Does A Mechanic In Tempe Charge To Change A Car's Oil?

Going to a professional for an oil change is simply easier then trying to do it yourself. Not to mention, it's far less messy. Let the professionals worry about popping the hood. You've got other things to do. With the time involved in getting the oil, and actually changing it, you're actually making a better financial decision by choosing a qualified auto repair technician to do it for you. Why stand outside in the Arizona heat fiddling with your car? There are so many repair shops in our town who'd love to do the job for you. 

The Average Price Here In Tempe

Remember, this is just the average price. There are loads of car repair shops in Tempe who offer special deals and special rates. The average amount you'll be spending on your oil change can vary depending on the type of vehicle you have. Some models require higher grade oil and different parts. 

As of right now, the average price of an oil change is cheaper when you go to a traditional auto shop. Going to the dealer from whom you made the original could mean shelling out an additional $10 or more. 

The average price for most vehicles is around $70. There are special deals advertised offering an oil change for only $20. This is a service that's designed to get you into the shop and upsell you other parts and services. Also, there's no telling what things they might be skimping on to charge such a low price

The Process Of An Oil Change 

Note: For the remainder of this article we'll be referring to the technician as "he", which is only for convenience and brevity. A qualified tecnician can be either male or female.

The steps your technician goes through to change your oil are almost identical to the steps you'd go through if you were to change it yourself. The only difference is you don't have to get dirty, and you don't have to worry about disposing of the old oil and filter in an environementally responsible manner. Here are some basic parts needed to perform this service. 

First, he'll look under your vehicle for the drain plug. Once located, he'll place a container under it to catch any oil flowing out of it. He'll then use gloves to protect his hands from the oil as he unscrews the drain plug. After this step, he'll remove the cap from the oil filler hole located on top of the engine. He'll use a special wrench to unscrew the oil filter so it can be replaced.  

After he's completed these preliminary steps, it's likely he'll open up the new oil to moisten the gasket on top of the new oil filter. This makes it easier to place. He'll then finish replacing the drain plug and other parts that may be worn. After this is complete, he'll use a funnel to pour the proper amount of fresh oil into the filter hole.

Finally, a complete bumper-to-bumper safety inspection will be conducted. Any issues will be noted in writing and fully explained.

Is It Worth It?

Many may wonder why they should pay $70 for an oil change when they can buy some oil for a much cheaper price. The answer is simple. By the time you purchase a wrench, funnel, replacement parts, and an oil disposal fee, you'll be paying much more then you would have if you'd let someone else do it in the first place. It's simply easier and cheaper to let a professional handle it.